When considering adopting a fluffy and beautiful pet, you might wonder, are Samoyed good dogs? The Samoyed is one of the few dogs that adapted to living in cold weather. 

They often come in medium to large sizes and are loved for their pure white coat. The Samoyed dogs are sturdy and robust, which is why Samoyedic people in Siberia used them for pulling sleds. 

Their admirable beauty and rich history delight many people who are considering adopting them. But are they good dogs? Let’s find out. 

So, Are Samoyed Good Dogs? 

Yes. Samoyed are good dogs. They are great with children and can be excellent working dogs. They drive on human companionship and often feel sad if left alone for long hours. They are also very friendly and welcoming dogs that people love to pet.

Why You Should Own A Samoyed

1. They are friendly

One of the most noticeable traits of Samoyed is their friendly nature. They are highly friendly and good-natured with everyone. 

They will be affectionate even with new people as long as they don’t mind getting fur on their clothes. They also do great with toddlers and can be great playmates with your child. 

2. Alertness

Samoyed is vigilant dogs, and they can make excellent watchdogs. They often bark loudly to notice the presence of their owners or someone new approaching their owner’s house. 

3. Samoyed are intelligent

They are intelligent dogs and can learn their roles quickly if you provide positive reward-based training. 

4. Social 

Samoyed is a social dog that closely associates with those it lives with. It does not like it when its owners leave it alone in the backyard or kennel. 

The Dark Side Of Samoyeds


Samoyed can get very destructive when left alone. They do not enjoy the feeling of boredom, and if they get lonely, they can destroy stuff in the house as a result. 


The fact that Samoyeds are intelligent means they have a mind. Therefore, they might be challenging to train if they sense that you do not have excellent leadership skills.  Nonetheless, it becomes extremely hard to correct once it adapts to a certain behavior. Adopting a trained Samoyed might be a good idea if you are not up to the task. 

They Shed Heavily

Samoyed shed their coats throughout the year, and they will have two periods of heavy shedding each year. Therefore, you might have fur all over your couch, bed, and house if you do not groom it properly. 


Samoyed barks excessively, and it might not be an excellent pet to have in an apartment where people love some peace. Their loud barking could be annoying, especially for neighbors who are not dog lovers. 

Rowdy And Exuberant

Young Samoyed is very rowdy and exuberant, and they might often jump up and down in the house when they are happy. Nonetheless, they might instinctively run after cats knocking everything in the house down. This issue might cause conflicts, especially if your neighbor has a cat. 


Samoyed needs plenty of exercise every day, and if you cannot exercise for at least two hours a day, it might develop health problems.  


Samoyed are northern breeds, and they might have difficulty adapting to the hot weather of states like California and Texas. However, if you have air-conditioning, they can do just fine. 

What Makes Samoyed Excellent Family Pet? 

Some of the things that make Samoyed an excellent family pet include the following: 

1. Playful And Energetic

Samoyed are very active and playful dogs. They are very energetic, and family members would enjoy playing with one. Since it requires lots of exercise, family members could take turns to exercise and play with it. The dog enjoys hiking, walking, and weight-pulling. It can be the ideal dog to put a register in a dog’s competition. Nonetheless, the dog’s positive nature could help strengthen a family’s bond. 

2. Social Dogs

The Samoyed is a highly social dog; it gets along with people easily, even strangers. The dog will warmly welcome your guests and enjoy playing with your kids’ friends. Therefore, when your kids are not in school on the weekends, you could rest as the dog plays with them and tires them up. It is a smart way to ensure your kids and the dog get enough exercise. 

3. Intelligent And Trainable

Since Samoyed are very intelligent, they can easily learn and understand what you train them to do. However, you will have to display good leadership skills. Otherwise, the dog will not listen to you. A clever way to train the dog is via positive reward-based training. Always be positive to the dog and reward it whenever it does something well. You should insist on the same with all family members. 

4. Watchful And Alert

Samoyed is very alert dogs, and they will often bark even when they hear they notice the slightest movements. Therefore, they can make excellent watchdogs over your family’s property. 

5. Adaptability

Though Samoyed prefers cold weather, they can adapt to warm weather. It is best to have air conditioning in the house to keep them comfortable during hot times.  

6. Gentle And Friendly Temperament

Samoyed forms deep bonds with its owners and the people it associates with daily. Therefore, you can be sure that the dog will love all the family members and will enjoy being around your family. They are affectionate with everyone, including children. 

The Cost Of Owning A Samoyed

After purchase and setup costs, you might spend a minimum of $100 monthly on your Samoyed. When getting a Samoyed, you should consider the following costs: 

Purchase Costs

The price of a Samoyed might vary depending on its size and the location you are purchasing it. If you are getting a puppy, you should go to a kennel club-assured breeder, as they do extra tests on the dogs and meet high standards. Therefore, the Samoyed puppy won’t have health problems as it grows older. You could also adopt an adult Samoyed from the rescue center, which will be much cheaper. A Samoyed might cost around $1200 to $2200. However, some purebred puppies can cost up to $3500. 

Set Up Cost 

The setup cost will comprise puppy vaccines, neutering, and dog equipment. Neutering is usually done on male dogs, and it is the removal of their testicles and reproductive-associated structures. Neutering will eliminate the dog’s ability to reproduce and cease its instinctive breeding behaviors, such as humping. As you get the dog, you must buy its equipment, such as a collar and tags. 

Ongoing Cost

To keep the dog, you must spend money on the preventive healthcare routine, food, pet insurance, and other accessories such as worn-out toys. 

Other Costs

Other costs you might incur for the dog’s welfare include training, dog sitting, and walking. It is not easy to develop the behaviors of your Samoyed all by yourself, and you might need to enroll in an obedience class for proper training. Nonetheless, since Samoyeds does not handle loneliness well, you might have to hire someone to keep it company as you work during the day. The job of the dog sitter is to feed it and exercise it when you are busy trying to meet your work deadlines. Planning and budgeting for your Samoyed are best if it gets injured. Pet insurance is ideal to ensure your dog always gets the best health services.  

Common Health Problems In Samoyed

Like any other breed, Samoyeds do suffer from various health problems. It is best to head to your vet to ensure you get the proper advice on how you could raise your Samoyed. If you adopt a puppy, ensure its parents have the appropriate health screening. It is the best way to ensure your puppy won’t don’t suffer from upsetting conditions. Here are some of the upsetting conditions that might affect a Samoyed: 

1. Hip Dysplasia

From the name, hip dysplasia is a condition where your dog’s hips don’t fit together properly. The conditions lead to unpleasant pain, swelling, and eventually arthritis. 

2. Diabetes

Diabetes is a condition where your Samoyed cannot produce or use insulin, leading to high blood sugar levels in its system. 

3. Eye Problems 

Samoyed is also prone to certain eye problems, such as cataracts and ulcers. Therefore, regular eye screening for your Samoyed is compulsory. 

4. Cancers

Your Samoyed could also develop certain cancers as it grows. Cancers will weaken their immune making them very inactive. Since some cancer is hereditary, it is necessary to have the parents of a Samoyed puppy screened before purchase. 


Samoyed is great with children and can be an excellent working dog; if you were wondering, is Samoyed a good dog? They could also be good watchdogs as they are very alert. However, you should note that the dogs are very stubborn, bark a lot, require a lot of exercise, and shed all the time. Therefore, if you cannot handle such, then don’t get it. The Samoyed is also an excellent family pet; providing it with the necessary health care to keep it healthy and strong is best. 

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