If you’re in love with the beautiful Samoyeds, you’ll want to know how much are Samoyeds. These white, fluffy sled dogs are energetic and gentle and thrive on being active and spending time with their family. 

This article has all the information about the cost of the Samoyed. Of course, the cost of the Samoyed isn’t just buying the dog. It also includes keeping the dog healthy and happy throughout its lifetime. 

So, this article breaks down the costs of buying and maintaining the Samoyed. Let’s get started!

How Much Are Samoyed 

The Samoyeds are costly, although it depends on their purebred standards. Most Samoyed breeds cost between $600 – $1500. 

However, those from award-winning bloodlines will cost anywhere from $3000 or more. Generally, Samoyeds are among the most expensive dog breed in the market. 

Factors That Influence The Cost Of A Samoyed 

The Samoyed prices vary depending on various aspects. That’s why some breeders charge less or more than others do. Here are some of the critical factors that influence the prices of Samoyeds. 

1. Coat Color 

The coat color does have a significant influence on the price of a Samoyed. For example, Samoyeds with biscuit-colored coats are considered the rarest among all. 

Because of their rarity and uniqueness, they’re more expensive than shades such as cream, white, or a mix of white and biscuit. 

2. Registration Papers 

Some breeders ensure that popular bodies, such as United Kennel Club, American Kennel Club, etc., register their dogs. 

Registering a dog with any of these governing bodies will cost the breeders time and money, which they pass along to the customer. 

If you’re only looking for a pet, then it isn’t a must that you acquire one with papers. But if you intend to take your new puppy to shows or use it for breeding, you should select one registered.

3. Breeders Reputation  

Like other breeders, you’ll want to do business with a reputable breeder that can provide a pup that doesn’t have genetic defects or more. 

The good news is that there are several reputable dog breeders, but they do demand a hefty amount for their services.

4. Age  

The average lifespan of a Samoyed is about 12 years, and thus people prefer getting them at a young age. 

That’s when they’re between 8 and 12 weeks old. At this age, the Samoyeds are usually valued highly, and breeders try to maximize profits by selling them at this stage. 

But pups that fail to sell during this stage are mostly sold at a discount by breeders. They do this to ensure they all get new homes. The price difference is usually more noticeable when the dog reaches 1 year old.

So, if you’re on a tight budget, look for a Samoyed that’s one year old or more. They are affordable.

5. Basic Training and Early Socialization  

Some breeders usually train the puppies and teach them how to socialize with people and other dogs before giving them to their new loving families. The training is typically costly to the breeder; thus, they include these costs in the overall price.

6. Location  

The breeder’s location will still affect the price even if you buy your Samoyed online. This is because business costs vary from place to place. 

For example, a breeder in California will pay more for housing (rent), supplies, veterinary services, etc., than a breeder in Montana. These costs are then passed on to the buyer.

7. Bloodline   

A show-quality Samoyed can cost $3,000 or more. Puppies from parent breeds that have outstanding pedigree or bloodlines have high prices.  

Other Costs That Are Associated With Owning A Samoyed 

You won’t only spend a pile of cash to acquire the Samoyed and bring it home. There are several other costs that you’ll incur and should be prepared for. The essential expenses that you’ll incur when raising your pup include the following; 

1. Food 

You should be ready to spend an average of $30 – $90 on Samoyed food. However, the cost of dog foods varies because there are many options. You should offer high-quality food to ensure your puppy lives a healthy life. 

High-quality food doesn’t mean expensive, but a well-balanced meal with all the essential nutrients that prevent health issues. You can also pay for fresh food through home delivery, costing as much as $400 monthly.

2. Grooming 

The Samoyeds have long, thick hairs, making them one of the most beautiful dog breeds you can own. However, this thick hair can be difficult to bathe, so many Samoyed owners take them to professional groomers. 

Generally, the Samoyeds need five-six sessions of a bath and essential grooming in a year. This will cost you around $40-$100 per session. Plus, you can also pay for some groomer tips.

3. Medication and Vet Visits  

The visits to the vet clinic should happen only once yearly unless your Samoyed has some health condition that needs constant monitoring. 

The cost of the vet visits will depend on your location and specific clinic. But mostly, the prices range from $200-$400 yearly. 

If you’re uncomfortable brushing your pup’s teeth, you’ll need help from its vet once monthly. The total annual cost of cleaning your dog’s teeth will be about $300-$1000, depending on various factors. 

Lastly, you must invest in parasite control and treatment of pests such as ticks, fleas, heartworm, etc. This will cost around $100-$150 yearly. 

4. Entertainment 

The Samoyed is a high-maintenance dog, but entertaining it can be either expensive or inexpensive. It all depends on your budget and the type of entertainment you choose. 

If you take your Samoyed out for long daily walks and offer enough playtime, love, and attention, it won’t care about expensive dolls. But, if you leave your Samoyed alone most of the time, you’ll have to find ways to entertain it. 

You can do this by buying your Samoyed the toys it enjoys to keep it busy and from destructive behaviors such as chewing up shoes or pillows. 

In addition, you can sign up for subscription boxes that contain dog toys. They cost around $25-$50 monthly; this is quite affordable. 

5. Bed 

Before your amazing and beautiful-looking friend arrives, you should invest in a premium bed. The mattress should be safe and comfortable for your Samoyed. 

A great quality bed will cost between $40-$180; the price differences depend on the brand and material used.

6. Pet Insurance Costs 

Pet insurance isn’t an essential requirement, but it can help you cover unexpected costs, such as injury or illness. 

Pet insurance costs between $50 and $100, but it shouldn’t worry you if you’re on a tight budget. The Samoyed can do just fine without it if you give it great care.  

The insurance cost varies depending on the company, age, health, and dog breed. Your location can also influence this cost.

7. Dog License 

The best breeders ensure their dogs have the proper license before selling them. But if you get a Samoyed that lacks a license, you’ll have to spend around $10-$20 on this. 

Dog licenses are essential, more so during an emergency. It offers an easy way for others to identify your pet in a crisis. For example, when your Samoyed gets lost. 

The Best Places To Buy A Samoyed  

There are several places where you can buy a Samoyed, and they include;

Samoyed Breeder 

Breeders are usually the first place for people that need puppies. 

However, the best breeders usually charge higher prices for their young Samoyeds. They take care of their puppies by screening them for health issues. Plus, they ensure their puppies have a strong genetic lineage. 

Additionally, breeders charge more if their stock has prize-winning parents. In short, show dogs usually give birth to future show dogs, which command huge prices. But a Samoyed from an award-winning lineage isn’t necessary if you’re looking for a pet. 

Samoyed Rescue

If you’re on a tight budget, the Samoyed adoption will be an excellent way to acquire a pet at a lower price. You’ll also have done a good deed by giving a home to a dog that didn’t have one. 

Many rescue organizations across the USA are dedicated explicitly to Samoyeds. You can find one near you from the official national Samoyed rescue website. 

The cost of a Samoyed dog from a rescue center is usually between $200-$500, but this varies depending on the organization. 

Most organizations focus on rehoming dogs from owners that can no longer provide essential care for them. You’ll likely adopt a Samoyed already used to living at home. So, its transition will undoubtedly be smoother for both of you.


You need to know how much are Samoyed and the best places to buy one at a great deal. The Samoyed is an expensive dog breed, but this depends on many factors. 

In addition to this, there are several recurring expenses that you’ll incur, such as food, medication, and grooming costs. Overall, it’s a great dog breed, and people love it because of its appearance and character. 

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