If you want a furry and lovable dog, you will come across the Samoyed vs. American Eskimo comparison. 

These two great dog breeds with admirable traits make them an excellent choice for many families and dog lovers.

But when it comes down to the two, which dog breed should you choose? What are the similarities and differences between these dog breeds? 

This article will review all these aspects and help you choose the best dog. Let us get into the details;

Similarities Between The Samoyed and American Eskimo 

There is competition in the dog market between American Eskimos and Samoyeds, which suggests they have some significant similarities. Here are some traits that are similar between the two and part of why dog lovers choose them;

  • Appearance. Both American Eskimos and Samoyeds have that characteristic thick furry coat. This is an adaptation by most northern dogs to help them survive in the cold weather. Additionally, they have pointed ears and curled tails. 

They have a high resemblance in appearance, with the only significant difference being their weight and size. Samoyeds weigh 50-60 pounds, and American Eskimos weigh 20-40 pounds.

  • Temperament. American Eskimos and Samoyeds have almost similar personalities, and this is one of the best things about them. Both are outgoing, friendly, and affectionate with their family members. It’s like having a friendly little kid in the house. 

They have heightened intelligence, making them easy dog breeds to train and bond with. They do well in obedience and agility training and thus can be ideal for dog shows and other fun activities.

  • History. Historically, both breeds have had a close relationship with humans and were a good choice for family pets. The Samoyed is an older breed, and it was used for hunting and herding animals in Siberia. 

The American Eskimo has been used as a watchdog and farm dog in parts of the United States. Their disposition makes them an ideal choice for these tasks, and regardless of the use change, they are popular.

  • Health. When it comes to health, you must first ensure you get a purebred dog regardless of the breed. Mixed breeds often have more medical complications than pure breeds. 

Both breeds are generally healthy if well cared for at an early age. Dogs need a good diet to keep their health at its best. However, they are prone to medical conditions like eye problems and hip dysplasia, especially as they age.

  • Activity level. Both breeds have high energy levels to do the work they were initially bred for, like guarding and herding livestock. Their purpose might differ, but all that energy is still in their genes and shows in their mannerisms. 

They are very active and playful, needing a lot of playtime and exercise to stay healthy and on their best behavior. They love outdoor activities and can be excellent partners when hunting, hiking, or walking in the woods.

Here Is What Sets The American Eskimo and Samoyed Apart

The America Eskimo and Samoyed have a lot of similarities, but they also have some significant differences that set them apart. 

These are especially important if you want to know which dog breed is best for you so let us get our hands dirty and find out;

1. Origin. One of the most apparent differences between the American Eskimo and Samoyed is their initial breeding place. The Samoyed was originally bred in Siberia, while the American Eskimo is an American-bred dog breed, as the name suggests. 

The Samoyed is an old dog breed that has been in use for over 5000 years as working dogs. The Eskimo was developed in the 19th century, making it one of the younger dog breeds.

2. Size. This is the more straightforward difference to notice between the two dog breeds, and it is a significant part of your decision on which pet to get. The Samoyed is a relatively larger dog breed, and it can weigh between 50 and 60 pounds when mature. 

The American Eskimo is a smaller breed, weighing about 30 pounds when mature. The size difference makes America Eskimos an ideal choice for dog lovers with small apartments or living in cities. The Samoyed will need more space to play and be comfortable. 

3. Coat type: Both the Samoyed and American Eskimo have that rich fur coat to keep them warm, but the Samoyed has a longer and rougher coat than the American Eskimo. The Samoyed is bred for colder regions; thus, they have a heavier coat. 

This difference creates a difference in the shedding patterns of the dogs. American Eskimos don’t have a specific shedding window. They shed all year round moderately, while Samoyeds shed heavily twice a year.

4. Energy level. Both breeds are energetic, but the Samoyed has much more energy than the American Eskimo. The Samoyed needs hours of playtime and exercise to use up all the pent-up energy in their bodies and stay healthy and happy. 

The American Eskimo has relatively less energy to spend, and you can get away with fewer hours than the Samoyed. 

Daily walks and a few jogs can be enough for an American Eskimo, but a Samoyed needs to run, jump, play, chew on toys, and get mental stimulation. 

This is another reason American Eskimos are an ideal choice for people living in the city where they don’t have space for all the games.

5. Personality. These two breeds are darlings with their families, but the Samoyed has high levels of wolf DNA. This makes them think independently, and they can be more stubborn, especially if they don’t bond with the owner. 

On the other hand, American Eskimos always aim to please, and it will be easier to train them and give commands. 

Remember, as a dog owner, you have a lot of responsibility for how your dog behaves, an amazing owner ends up with an amazing dog.

Who Is The American Eskimo Ideal For?

The American Eskimo is a friendly and fun dog breed that will be an excellent fit for a dog owner that enjoys a relatively active lifestyle. You must be willing to provide plenty of exercises and mental stimulation for the dog daily. 

They are also great for owners who love training and working with their dogs. They have a positive attitude towards learning and are highly intelligent. 

They do amazingly in obedience training and agility competitions for dog shows or a fun weekend.

American Eskimos are affectionate and playful with children. You rarely get cases of them scratching or biting children unless the dog is mistreated. 

A friendly bond with the family and children will ensure this pet becomes another family member.

Mistreating dogs or not having enough time with them will create stubbornness in them, especially intelligent dogs like the American Eskimo.

The downside to these breeds is that they are high maintenance dog that needs a lot of time and care. 

They shed all year round, so you must groom them every few weeks. Additionally, you will always have fur on your furniture, which can be a problem for people with allergies.  

Who Is The Samoyed Ideal For? 

The Samoyed is an amazing dog breed that Is friendly and highly intelligent, making it ideal for owners with dog experience. 

You must have experience or information on herding dogs and be willing to provide sufficient physical and mental stimulation for the dog.

Without enough exercise, the dog will have a lot of pent-up energy, creating a negative behavior pattern, including biting, scratching, and barking. Samoyeds are a good breed for owners that love the outdoors and high-energy activities.

Their high energy levels make them the best companions on your runs, regardless of the distance. If you can cover the distance, be sure your Samoyed can double it. 

Such activities are also a great way to bond with your Samoyed and make them more obedient to your control. 

Samoyeds have a pack mentality and are affectionate to those they consider as part of their pack; the owner’s family. Their heightened intelligence and independent thinking can make them a bit stubborn, and you need to be patient with them, especially during training. 

Provide consistent training and leadership; before you know it, you will be the alpha you’re, and your Samoyed won’t have any obedience issues. They also need regular grooming since their thick coats shed heavily twice a year.

You should trim, brush and clean the fur whenever necessary to keep it healthy and beautiful. The Samoyed is not a good choice for a person that doesn’t have experience with dogs. Without the right environment, they could get anxious, and their health will derail over time. 


With all this information on Samoyed vs. America Eskimo, you will easily choose which breed you want. 

The two breeds have a lot of similarities, especially in appearance and temperament, with the most significant difference being their size.

Ensure you get a good trainer for your Samoyed or American Eskimo to keep them well-behaved and healthy. Bonding with your furry friend will encourage socialization, better behavior, and overall health.

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